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Up to Something

Up to something

By ,

Publisher EK books


One day, Dad invites Billy into his shed to build something, but Billy soon finds out that he is only allowed to watch. As Dad becomes engrossed in his project, Billy takes Dad’s off-cuts and other items from around the yard and starts to copy what his Dad is building. When they reveal their creations, Dad discovers that Billy has more talents than his dad had ever imagined! Up to Something  explores the father–son relationship, and the satisfaction to be gained from making things ourselves.


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This is a delightful book about a father and son building a billy cart together, with a perfect reminder that children have inventiveness and ability that parents and adults sometimes forget.

Up to Something has created a gentle, heart-warming book on the importance of working together, teaching us not to underestimate their ability’s to create something special when working on projects with our children.

Perfect for reading together and a wonderful reminder for parents that children are capable of achieving great things,  when we work together as a team great things are possible.

the wonderful illustrations highlight the inventiveness of billy using everyday items to create his own cart.

definitely a great book for our home library.


Kids reading time

the children were delighted with this book and gave it 5 stars

the illustrations of billy creating his own cart gave the children ideas on how to create things from every day items with suggestions on what else they could use with things around their house.

it gave them the confidence to suggest ideas on what projects they would like to build, with some wonderful insight into the wonderful creative imaginations of the children



lessons of a Lac

lessons of a Lac

Author Lynn Jenkins

Illustrator Kirrili Lonergan

publisher EK books

Loppy the Lac has learned its whole life to look out for danger. Looking out for what can go wrong is all it knows – until Loppy meets Curly Calmster. Curly teaches Loppy that it doesn’t have to look out for the everyday worst-case scenarios all the time.

It’s tough to help an anxious child. Psychologist Lynn Jenkins knows this, from professional experience, and from being a mother! In Lessons of a Little Anxious Creature, she has created an essential emotional resource that encourages children to develop strategies for anxiety management, by discovering new, useful ways to think about their worries.

With this engaging book, you can support children in learning to manage anxiety, and help them take crucial steps to understanding and dealing with their emotions. It’s a fun and innovative way of building resilience, a foundation that will not only benefit kids now, but for the rest of their lives.


wauchope preschool kingergarten.

Gave the book 5 stars

They were delighted with the book, the educators loved it and it was shared with the school and their family and friends.

the illustrations allowed for some wonderful craft activities by the children

It is a beautiful book that will help to give the  children a better understanding of their worries, and help them gain skills that they can use in order to help manage anxiety.

jnr book worms book review,

this is a beautiful book and wonderfully illustrated it is a must have tool for parents and educators in helping kids deal with anxiety and worries that little ones can have, I have found it quite useful as a grown up as well, to remember that we don’t need to look at worst case scenario.

I found it to be written in a way that really opens up the door to discussions about worries and how to manage them and helps little ones understand their emotions.

The illustrations are non gender specific and children fall in love with the character, I delighted in watching the kids attempt to make their own Loppy



Visiting You

Visiting you

by Rebecka Sharpe Shelberg & Andrea Edmond

published by EK books

A young child and their mother set out to visit a loved one. Along the way, the child interacts with other commuters — a father who lives apart from his small daughter, a husband who has lost his wife, a granddaughter who is forgotten by her grandfather, and a mother who fears for her son’s recovery — and discovers that we all are bound by the common experience of love, that appearances can be deceiving, and that it’s our similarities, not our differences, that matter most.


preschool ages 3-6

the children enjoyed the story they each expressed certain people in their lives looked like ones the girl met.

they agreed it can be scary to meet new people, but everyone has a story to tell.

They loved the gentle illustrations

Jnr book worms book review.

a beautiful story about not judging  people on their appearance and the importance of listening.

A beautifully Narrative story pars with the delicate water colour illustrations to revel The story’s that lie beneath are often ones worth sharing and listening to when in a safe evironment. It’s important not to judge a gruff exteria but to understand a person as they are not all that different from yourself.

a beautiful message that is lost in today’s society.



The fastest Tortoise on the block

the fastest tortoise on the block

by Michael Gray

Illustrated  by Anaya & Kostya  Lazarev.

Published by Little steps publishing.

And they’re off! A boy and a tortoise become fast friends as they prepare for the biggest event in town – the monthly tortoise race. It’s not winning that counts, but that won’t stop this tortoise from being the fastest tortoise on the block.

Preschool kids aged 3-6

the children really enjoyed the s rhyming story of a tortoise and his new best friend.

all the children agreed it is not nice to be teased.

they thought the pictures were wonderful and glad that they are best friends.


Jnr book worms book review.

a charming rhyming text that shows the importance of friendship and subtly showing the despair caused by bullying.

it takes us on the journey of finding friendship to working hard to achieve our goals

the bright fun animated illustrations really bring the story to life.

it is fun to read and created wonderful opportunities to discuss, loyalty, friendship, working together and bullying.




The Art Garden

The Art Garden

By Penny Harrision and Penelope Pratley

published By EK Books

Sadie wants to be a painter, just like her best friend, Tom. She loves playing with colour and finding shapes in unlikely places. But whenever Sadie picks up a paintbrush she makes a big mess. So instead, she spends her time working in the garden or playing with Tom. But, one day, Sadie gets a look at things from a different perspective — and makes a big discovery about herself and her own creativity. The Art Garden is a whimsical story about friendship and finding our creative flair. It encourages children to explore different ways of expressing themselves and celebrates the importance of individuality and self-acceptance.

Phillip Aged 5 Olivia Aged 3

Olivia loved the  bright illustrations, as she loves to draw and paint its fun to get messy.

Phillip liked that you don’t have to be good at painting to be creative, I like building Lego and that’s using my imagination.

He liked that they were outside, and that she used dirt to grow her picture.

Jnr Book worms book review

A beautiful story about friendship, creativity and individuality. in a very easy to read book it shows that finding the path that is true to oneself is a matter of perspective.

wonderful vibrant illustrations engage readers to discover different ways of expressing themselves.

A truly magical book to share and  engage with children 3-8 some wonderful discussions were created on what being creative means.



The Magic Mail Fairy

The Magic Mail Fairy

By Sonia Audoly

Illustrated By Francesca Quatraro

Published By Little steps Publishing

Nina loves to visit her aunts, because they have a very magical friend. The Magic Mail Fairy! When Nina goes to stay with her aunts for an especially long visit, she discovers the joys of receiving and writing letters with the help of her aunts and her new magical pen pal.

Phillip Aged 5

Phillip thought the book was wonderful and asked about receiving letters as he has only received parcels.

He thought she was lucky to receive letters each night from the Fairy.

He looks forward to writing his own letters



Jnr book worms book review

This is such a beautiful book. the illustrations capture the story perfectly and inspire the reader to put Pen to paper and chase the dream of the Magic Mail Fairy.

A wonderful tool to encourage children to discover the pleasure of writing and receiving mail not on a device.

With the included Kraft materials to make tour own special letters a sure way to start some beautiful correspondence with friends and loved ones




ya fiction

Little Witch 2

Little Witch 2

Hauntings and Hexes

by Aleesah Darlison

New home. New school. New friends. And new enemies…

The summer holidays are over. It’s time for Courtney to start at her new school and settle into life in the sleepy seaside town of Mixton Bay. No problem. Right? Except for the fact that Courtney is a witch-in-training so ‘fitting in’ isn’t the easiest thing to do. Growing up is one thing. But growing into a little witch is another matter altogether!

As her powers increase, the challenges that face Courtney intensify. Desperate to learn the ways of witchcraft, Courtney pushes her fledgling powers to their limits – which leads to lots of mistakes.

When Courtney accidentally unleashes a mischievous spirit into the world, things get dangerous for Courtney and those closest to her. It’s up to Courtney, her magical cat, Ink, and a few witchy friends to save the day.



Gracie aged nine gave the book 4 stars

I really enjoyed it its a fun book and easy to read.

it was about Courtney who is learning magic who unleashes a spirit on her town. Courtney and her friends and of course her cat, have to save their home.

I liked all the spells in the book and found it exciting I  recommend it to people who like fantasies and witches. or if you don’t I think you will like this one.

Jnr book worms book review.

A great addition to the series, early readers will devour this easy to read Novel,

themed with Magic, friendship this wonderful adventure with captivate you.

Easily a stand on its own story if you haven’t read the first instalment, hopefully there will be more to follow.

picture books

Grace & Katie

Grave & Katie

By Susanne Merritt & Liz Anelli

Published By EK books


Grace and Katie are twins who love to draw. Grace loves everything to be organised and neat, while Katie loves everything to be bright, bold and messy. When they want to draw a map of their home and street, the girls can’t agree on how it should be done so they each decide to create their own map. But that doesn’t work out quite as well as they’d planned.
Perhaps working together might be more fun after all! An imaginative exploration of individuality, sisterhood, creativity and appreciating each other’s strengths.


Preschool ages 3-6

The children enjoyed the story and thought it was wonderful book about twins and how you are always yourself first.

They thought the illustrations were wonderful and loved the different drawings the girls produced. and liked they made the best pictures together.


Jnr book worms book review.

A wonderful story that encourages children to express their creativity in their own unique way.

As they are twins is shows that you are always individuals first, a great story showing the special bond and appreciating other peoples strengths

A great addition to anyone’s library




written by Suzanne Barton
illustrated by Anil Tortop

Meeka is a cheeky little market bird who loves getting his beak into everything ooey gooey and sticky licky. One day, during a post-feast snooze in a Moroccan tagine, Meeka is bird-napped by a granny with a need for speed. Will Meeka’s friends rescue him before he becomes bird stew?

Ages: 4+

Class k-2 gave the book 4 stars

The children enjoyed listening to the story about a cheeky bird called Meeka

the wonderful illustrations drew them into the story, they loved all the wonderful foods and imagined what the markets smelt like.

all were happy when the whole community rushed to help find Meeka and that he made some birdy friends.


Jnr book worms book review.

it was a pleasure to read this to the children they were engaged from start to finish, and it brought on a lovely discussion of foods and their favourites in each household.

Meeka is a wonderful story about a strong father daughter relationship as well as the importance of community and coming together to help a friend. told in a gentle and humorous way, engaging the reader in this fun plot.

The illustrations really bring this story to life and show the unity in the market place in beautiful pastel colours

Meeka is  a heart warming read and one to share. with its subtle beautiful message, I’m sure will be read over again



My dog socks

My dog socks

By Robyn Osborne

Illustrated by Saddam Konchi.

published by ford street publishing


preschool kids aged 2-5

the children were captivated throughout the reading, enjoying the different animals appearing in the shadows. As well as some wonderful discussions about what wonderful pets they each have and what’s special about each one.


jnr book worms book review,

This is a beautiful tale about friendship,  the imagination of the boy projects sock’s shadow into wonderful creatures.

the beautiful watercolour illustrations bring the story to life and set the mood in the story.

a wonderful story about belonging.