Our Dog Benji

Our dog Benji

Pete Carter & James Henderson


We all know that dogs will eat anything. We also know that kids’ tastes generally aren’t so wide-ranging. While ice cream and pizza might be devoured in the blink of an eye, the dreaded ‘green stuff’ (vegetables to the adults) is often pushed to one side of the plate. Author Pete Carter understands this phenomenon well, as he shows in the adventures of Benji. In delightful duotone illustrations and engaging text, we see how Benji’s willingness to eat anything — from daffodils to brussels sprouts, ice cream to avocados, sandwiches to bones — gradually inspires his child owner to be a little more adventurous at mealtimes. Although dogs and kids do have standards and it seems there’s one thing neither of them will touch!

The perfect book to encourage fussy eaters to try a few more vegetables! Illustrator James Henderson is Pete Carter’s nephew, making this picture book a family affair.
Huntingdon School class k-2 gave the book 5 stars

The kids really enjoyed this title, they enjoyed telling me all the different things there dog would eat and laughed throughout the book.
all agreed that its important to try new foods, but didn’t think they would eat all the things that their dogs eat. such as, dog food Yuck!
their was a unanimous choirs that celery is not a very liked food.
Preschool aged 3-6 gave the book 4 stars
they also enjoyed telling me all about their own dogs and the funny things that they eat, their favourite part was waiting for the fridge to explode.
The children excitedly explained all the different foods they had tried or wanted to try.


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