Just Like Molly By Pippa Dowling

Illustrated BY SUNSHINE

I have a friend called Molly, she loves playing games.
Molly sleeps under my bed, nobody can see her, only me.
One day Molly wasn’t in my room, she wasn’t anywhere.
That night I cried.

This is a beautifully simple book that reassures kids that there is a friend out there perfect for them. A gentle story of friendship and having the courage to make new friends.

Huntingdon Class 2-4 gave the book 5 stars

the kids were amazed that the author was their age when she wrote the book..

They all thought it was great that her real friend loved the same things as her because that is how most friends are.

all the children agreed that it can be scary to start school and make new friends but when you do its great.

Rochelle aged 8 gave the book 5 stars check out her review here

Rochelle really enjoyed the book she also was inspired that the author was only 10 when it was written.

she aslo loved the illustrators name as she made her drawings look like sunshine when she made a friend.



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