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Michelle Worthington and Andrew Plant18423960_1412953978766931_8053637377571904564_n

Age range 3 to 5 years

Glitch spends his life searching through mountains of mouldy mess at the dump. He wants to make the fastest billycart ever. This year, he will be competing in the Big Race!

But will his twitch stop him from winning?


Phillip aged 4 gave this book 5 stars

he thought the story was fun and the illustrations exciting

he loved that it was bugs at a  rubbish dump and that its great to  have fun with your friends .

preschool kids aged 3-5 gave the book 5 stars

They all agreed it was an exciting story and thought it funny.

They loved it when Glitch said he had a tummy bug.

The children commented that it doesn’t mater if you win as long as its fun and you give it a try.


A great book to help children overcome their Fears in a fun light hearted manner


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