There’s a koala in My Kitchen

by Sean Farrar, Pat Kan

Have you ever found a furry Koala kidding around in your kitchen?

Or been hassled by a great white shark at your park? Giggled at a Kookaburra causing chaos with Dad’s cooking?

There’s a Koala in my Kitchen takes children and parents on a rollicking, rhyming journey with plenty of funny, feisty Aussie animals


Phillip aged 4 Olivia aged 2 gave this book 5 stars

The wonderfully fun rhythm and rhyme kept them entertained wondering what animal would be on the next page.

a sheer delight to read.

Huntingdon school k-1 class gave the book five stars

Their only complaint was that it wasn’t long enough as they wanted to encounter more fun animals.

The children squealed with delight and yelped with the thought of a spider in their bowl.

The Rhymes are quirky and fun keeping the children engaged throughout the whole book




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