The chalk rainbow

The Chalk Rainbow 

Deborah Kelly & Gwynneth Jones

Zane is different to other kids. He has his own made-up language. He likes to line things up. And he is frightened of things that don’t seem to bother other people — like the colour black. His father gets frustrated and angry with Zane. His mother tries hard to explain things to him. But nothing seems to work. Zane just scrunches himself up into a ball and screams. Things are looking pretty bleak for Zane and his family; that is, until Zane’s big sister starts to draw a chalk rainbow at the top of the front steps … The Chalk Rainbow explores difference and diversity through a family living with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). It’s also a story of unconditional love, of trust and of learning to look at the world through the eyes of others. The story is told by Zane’s older sister in a way that young children can easily relate to. The ending is uplifting as all members of the family learn to look at things differently and find a way to move forward together.


Huntingdon school class k-2

the children gave the book 5 stars.

The children were engaged throughout the entire book, They loved that Zane was able to go anywhere on his rainbow bridge. And thought it was a wonderful idea for his sister to create a colourful rainbow to help him deal with his fear of black.

“Everybody  is different and we all don’t like different things but that’s what makes us us!”

A wonderful book to share with the children giving them a real insight  into how kids with autism see the world. It encourages acceptance and understanding of difference while showing there are many ways to solve a problem.




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