Max Booth Future Sleuth Tape Escape

Max Booth Future Sleuth

by Cameron Macintosh

About The Series: Max Booth is an 11-year-old ‘shadie’ urchin living in the year 2424, struggling to survive.

With the chance to make some money by uncovering the secrets of mysterious ”gadgets” from the 20th century for the Bluggsville City Museum, Max and his faithful, but slightly neurotic, robo-dog Oscar start investigating.

But the path to success is never easy, and there are sinister tricks, strange characters and lots of challenges along the way.


Book 1: Max, and Oscar have been asked to identify an object that’s baffling everyone – a 1980s cassette tape. But there’s more to this tape than meets the eye. The tape contains long lost songs from a popular ”mega-star” David Snowie, and now there’s a strange musicological expert who clearly wants to stop them in their tracks


Luke Aged 8 gave the book 4 stars

its about max and his dog who is a robot dog and their adventure to solve the mystery and its set in the future..

I thought it was really funny and I enjoyed reading it.

I liked that it was set in the future and about finding  treasure which is a cassette tape from the olden days when my mum and dad were kids.

I recommend it for anyone who likes funny books


Jnr book worms book review

I think this is a great book for reluctant readers as its humour and action will engage the reader. it will lead to great discussions about what life might be like inn the future as well as in the past.



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