The Mysteries of Corkuparipple Creek: Sludge, Snot and Seawater

The Mysteries of Corkuparipple Creek: Sludge, Snot and Seawater

author: Susan Pease
illustrator: Olivia Pease

publisher Little Steps Publishing

ages 8+
ISBN 9781925545425
RRP $16.95

When a sludge sickness pollutes the Corkuparipple Creek and Jo’s brother, Geoffrey, becomes sick, action is needed to find a solution. Jo’s dog Bandaid is also missing and Aunt Pepper organises a search party under the Pacific Ocean to visit with the Clam King.

Will he have the answer to the missing dog and the medicine to heal Geoffrey and the environment?

A new Mystery begins and Jo is faced with serious environmental issues full of sludge, snot and seawater.

Oliver Aged 10 gave the book 4.5 stars

‘this is a really fun and exciting book it has lots of strange animals that live on corkuparipple creek.

its really funny.

when the creek gets polluted they need to workout how to fix it, they have to find bandaid and go to find the clam king in the ocean.

I recommend the book to anyone ‘

Jnr book worms book review.

This is a unique children’s story offering a fun humour and an important environmental message together in a wonderful tale.

with an adventure under the pacific ocean to visit the clam King, this will have children enthralled from start to finish.





Flavio the Flamingo

Flavio the Flamingo

author: Cassidy Jackson-Carroll
illustrator: Graeme Compton

publisher little steps publishing

ages 6-8
ISBN 9781925545388
RRP $14.95

Flavio the Flamingo had lost his colour pink. ‘Whatever will I do?’ he started to think.

Flavio the Flamingo is having an identity crisis. He embarks on a quest, searching high, low – and everywhere in between – longing to find his colour.


class 2-3 gave the book 5 stars

The children enjoyed the rhyming tale of Flavia the flamingo looking for his colour pink, they thought the illustrations were wonderful, and loved that he found his family.


Jnr book worms book review

A beautifully illustrated and heartwarming tale about belonging and finding your tribe.

wonderful rhyming text had the children wanting to read it again and again




Oscar the Golden Ghost Crab

Oscar the Golden Ghost Crab

author: Charlie Olsson
illustrator: Lauren Merrick
ages 6-8
ISBN 9781925545296
RRP $24.95
Oscar makes his home proudly on a beautiful beach, but what happens when a throng of beachgoers turn up and make a
Oscar gets to work, claws poised and ready to defend his pristine home! The results are some good old-fashioned
nipping fun.

Huntingdon class  2-4 gave the book 5 stars

The kids thought this book was funny and giggled though it happily squealing in delight.

They loved the real facts about the crabs and thought  it was great he got his beach back.

They recommend it for anyone.

Jnr bookworms book review.

A very fun book with lovely illustrations. a delight to read. What a fun wonderful way to show kids the impacts humans can have on wildlife and the importance of being considerate of them.

A great addition of the real facts about the ghost crabs really captivated the readers.





The Man in the Panama Hat and the Windy, Windy Day

The Man in the Panama Hat and the Windy, Windy Day

author: Joachim Gevert
illustrator: Ffranses Ingram

Publisher Little Steps Publishing`

ages 6-8
ISBN 9781925545418
RRP $16.95

The Man in the Panama Hat would love nothing more than staying indoors.

Every time he leaves the house, something goes wrong. Can Mr Black Cat convince his friend to venture outside and have some fun?
A windy, windy day awaits!

Class 2-3 gave the book 4 stars

the children enjoyed the story and agreed there is always things to do on windy, windy  day. and its good when friends help you find something fun to do.

they liked how the cat tried to get the man to try different ideas. and thought the dragon kite was wonderful.

Jnr book worms book review.

a lovely story of friendship, perseverance  and adventure.

with exciting illustrations keeping the children intrigued of what will happen to the man in the panama hat and his friend Mr black cat.

showing that friends can always have fun.




Finn And Puss

Finn and Puss
Author Robert Vescio
illustrator Melissa Mackie
publisher EK Books
Finn, a young boy, is lonely. Puss, a cat, is lost. Then Finn and Puss meet. Suddenly Finn isn’t lonely anymore, and Puss seems happy to be with Finn too. So when Finn sees a ‘Lost’ poster, he’s faced with a tough decision. This simple story explores how sometimes we need to make hard choices but that ‘doing the right thing’ has its own rewards.
Phillip age 5 gave the book 4 stars
Phillip enjoyed the book.
he enjoyed the fact that Finn did the right thing and returned puss. “it was great they all became friends.”
preschool aged 3-6 gave the book 5 stars
the kids loved this book and thought it had wonderful illustrations. they were captivated throughout the reading.
its important to do the right thing that’s how they became friends”
Jnr book worms book review
a wonderfully illustrated book that sets the tone perfectly  highlighting  the importance of doing the right thing.
choosing between right and wrong isn’t always easy and this delicately shows that doing the right thing can have its own wonderful reward.
a great addition to ones library.

The Adventures of Pelle No-Tail

The Adventures of Pelle No-Tail

Author  Costa Knutsson

translated by Stephanie Smee and Ann- Margete Smee

Published Picocolo Nero

Age 6-9

Meet Pelle No-Tail – Sweden’s favourite cat!
Little Pelle has no tail – it was bitten off by a rat when he was a kitten! But he doesn’t let that bother him.
When Pelle leaves the farm where he was born and goes to live in the city, he meets lots of new friends and has all sorts of exciting adventures.
But he also meets the nasty tomcat Måns, who loves nothing better than to make life difficult for Pelle…
Parents and children alike will adore these charming, classic books, now translated into English for the very first time.



Cassidy Aged 8 gave the series 4 stars

‘It is about a cat named Pelle who had his tail bitten of by a rat. but he doesn’t let that stop him from being brave and exploring the world.’

I especially like it that the mean tom cat Mans doesn’t succeed in being mean to Pelle and all the people in the town stick up for Pelle.

it is a wonderful series with plenty of adventures along the way I would recommend it to anyone but especially if you have felt bullied.


Jnr book worms book review 5 stars.

The story of Pelle Svanslos, as its pronounced in Sweden. this is the first time it has been translated to English, so a whole new generation can fall in love with the Cat with no- tail.

a wonderful series about coming to terms with new circumstances and embracing peoples differences, while wanting to belong. With some wonderful adventures and overcoming bulling it is a truly great series that children will fall in love with