Finn And Puss

Finn and Puss
Author Robert Vescio
illustrator Melissa Mackie
publisher EK Books
Finn, a young boy, is lonely. Puss, a cat, is lost. Then Finn and Puss meet. Suddenly Finn isn’t lonely anymore, and Puss seems happy to be with Finn too. So when Finn sees a ‘Lost’ poster, he’s faced with a tough decision. This simple story explores how sometimes we need to make hard choices but that ‘doing the right thing’ has its own rewards.
Phillip age 5 gave the book 4 stars
Phillip enjoyed the book.
he enjoyed the fact that Finn did the right thing and returned puss. “it was great they all became friends.”
preschool aged 3-6 gave the book 5 stars
the kids loved this book and thought it had wonderful illustrations. they were captivated throughout the reading.
its important to do the right thing that’s how they became friends”
Jnr book worms book review
a wonderfully illustrated book that sets the tone perfectly  highlighting  the importance of doing the right thing.
choosing between right and wrong isn’t always easy and this delicately shows that doing the right thing can have its own wonderful reward.
a great addition to ones library.

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