Oscar the Golden Ghost Crab

Oscar the Golden Ghost Crab

author: Charlie Olsson
illustrator: Lauren Merrick
ages 6-8
ISBN 9781925545296
RRP $24.95
Oscar makes his home proudly on a beautiful beach, but what happens when a throng of beachgoers turn up and make a
Oscar gets to work, claws poised and ready to defend his pristine home! The results are some good old-fashioned
nipping fun.

Huntingdon class  2-4 gave the book 5 stars

The kids thought this book was funny and giggled though it happily squealing in delight.

They loved the real facts about the crabs and thought  it was great he got his beach back.

They recommend it for anyone.

Jnr bookworms book review.

A very fun book with lovely illustrations. a delight to read. What a fun wonderful way to show kids the impacts humans can have on wildlife and the importance of being considerate of them.

A great addition of the real facts about the ghost crabs really captivated the readers.





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