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Little Witch 2

Little Witch 2

Hauntings and Hexes

by Aleesah Darlison

New home. New school. New friends. And new enemies…

The summer holidays are over. It’s time for Courtney to start at her new school and settle into life in the sleepy seaside town of Mixton Bay. No problem. Right? Except for the fact that Courtney is a witch-in-training so ‘fitting in’ isn’t the easiest thing to do. Growing up is one thing. But growing into a little witch is another matter altogether!

As her powers increase, the challenges that face Courtney intensify. Desperate to learn the ways of witchcraft, Courtney pushes her fledgling powers to their limits – which leads to lots of mistakes.

When Courtney accidentally unleashes a mischievous spirit into the world, things get dangerous for Courtney and those closest to her. It’s up to Courtney, her magical cat, Ink, and a few witchy friends to save the day.



Gracie aged nine gave the book 4 stars

I really enjoyed it its a fun book and easy to read.

it was about Courtney who is learning magic who unleashes a spirit on her town. Courtney and her friends and of course her cat, have to save their home.

I liked all the spells in the book and found it exciting I  recommend it to people who like fantasies and witches. or if you don’t I think you will like this one.

Jnr book worms book review.

A great addition to the series, early readers will devour this easy to read Novel,

themed with Magic, friendship this wonderful adventure with captivate you.

Easily a stand on its own story if you haven’t read the first instalment, hopefully there will be more to follow.


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