The Magic Mail Fairy

The Magic Mail Fairy

By Sonia Audoly

Illustrated By Francesca Quatraro

Published By Little steps Publishing

Nina loves to visit her aunts, because they have a very magical friend. The Magic Mail Fairy! When Nina goes to stay with her aunts for an especially long visit, she discovers the joys of receiving and writing letters with the help of her aunts and her new magical pen pal.

Phillip Aged 5

Phillip thought the book was wonderful and asked about receiving letters as he has only received parcels.

He thought she was lucky to receive letters each night from the Fairy.

He looks forward to writing his own letters



Jnr book worms book review

This is such a beautiful book. the illustrations capture the story perfectly and inspire the reader to put Pen to paper and chase the dream of the Magic Mail Fairy.

A wonderful tool to encourage children to discover the pleasure of writing and receiving mail not on a device.

With the included Kraft materials to make tour own special letters a sure way to start some beautiful correspondence with friends and loved ones





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