The fastest Tortoise on the block

the fastest tortoise on the block

by Michael Gray

Illustrated  by Anaya & Kostya  Lazarev.

Published by Little steps publishing.

And they’re off! A boy and a tortoise become fast friends as they prepare for the biggest event in town – the monthly tortoise race. It’s not winning that counts, but that won’t stop this tortoise from being the fastest tortoise on the block.

Preschool kids aged 3-6

the children really enjoyed the s rhyming story of a tortoise and his new best friend.

all the children agreed it is not nice to be teased.

they thought the pictures were wonderful and glad that they are best friends.


Jnr book worms book review.

a charming rhyming text that shows the importance of friendship and subtly showing the despair caused by bullying.

it takes us on the journey of finding friendship to working hard to achieve our goals

the bright fun animated illustrations really bring the story to life.

it is fun to read and created wonderful opportunities to discuss, loyalty, friendship, working together and bullying.




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