Visiting You

Visiting you

by Rebecka Sharpe Shelberg & Andrea Edmond

published by EK books

A young child and their mother set out to visit a loved one. Along the way, the child interacts with other commuters — a father who lives apart from his small daughter, a husband who has lost his wife, a granddaughter who is forgotten by her grandfather, and a mother who fears for her son’s recovery — and discovers that we all are bound by the common experience of love, that appearances can be deceiving, and that it’s our similarities, not our differences, that matter most.


preschool ages 3-6

the children enjoyed the story they each expressed certain people in their lives looked like ones the girl met.

they agreed it can be scary to meet new people, but everyone has a story to tell.

They loved the gentle illustrations

Jnr book worms book review.

a beautiful story about not judging  people on their appearance and the importance of listening.

A beautifully Narrative story pars with the delicate water colour illustrations to revel The story’s that lie beneath are often ones worth sharing and listening to when in a safe evironment. It’s important not to judge a gruff exteria but to understand a person as they are not all that different from yourself.

a beautiful message that is lost in today’s society.



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